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Learn the art of Brazilian samba no pé.
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Samba Fitness

Samba Fitness™, founded by CEO and Coach Mayara Santos, teaches Brazilian Carnaval style samba, or samba no pé. The "Samba" focus centers on the conceptual aspects of this dance: movements, musicality, history, culture, and improvisation. Classes go beyond learning a few routines or choreographies and teach you everything you need to know to become a confident dancer and lifelong learner of this art form.
The "Fitness" element concentrates on the physical aspect of the discipline. Samba requires training and conditioning to execute moves with the necessary power, control, elegance, and grace. Imagine dancing for hours at the Carnaval parades in Brazil. Now imagine the number of hours needed to train build up your stamina! Over the course of a one-hour lesson you burn an average of 500 calories making it an effective activity for anyone looking to improve or maintain their overall physical fitness.
Group lessons
Get ready to have high energy fun as we learn samba basics, floreios (flourishes), musicality, and improvisation. Evening lessons open to all genders and levels. 

Level: All
Location: Al Barsha
Day/Time: Wednesdays, 8-9 PM
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Private lessons
Learn and perfect your samba technique, refine your elegance, presence, and expression, and discover your personal samba style with one-to-one instruction.

Level: All
Location: Private Residence
Day/Time: Weekday evenings & Weekends
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Online lessons
Join the international Samba Fitness community online! Beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons available throughout the week.

Level: Varying
Location: Zoom
Day/Time: Evenings throughout the week
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Mayara Santos in Dubai!

Join us from March 27th - April 16th
Form Mayara Santos in Dubai
"Bringing our dance to the world. Samba Fitness has come to Dubai!
Learn the art of Brazilian samba no pé with incredible certified instructors. Come samba with us!"
Mayara Santos
CEO Samba Fitness

A glimpse of Samba Fitness

Come samba with us!

Interested in joining a samba class? Want to find out more about Samba Fitness UAE? Get in contact with us today!

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    "Vem sambar com a gente!"

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